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Nouveau Dental Studio technicians bring over 50 collective years of industry knowledge to each restoration. Established in 2011, NDS has served dentists in the Greater Reading/Berks County area and surrounding areas with high quality restorations, specializing in anterior work.

Nouveau Dental Studio regularly invests in technology, and is Sirona CEREC-compatible. An on-site Roland mill produces acurate restorations using new and trusted materials. Professional development is made available to employees to ensure technology is used to its fullest capability and keep employees current and engaged in the process.

Doctors trust Nouveau Dental Studio with their reputation. Attention to detail, reliability, and custom shades when needed, are standard service elements of working with Nouveau Dental.

About Nathan Shultz, Owner

As the owner of Nouveau Dental Studio, Nathan Shultz, brings a unique and significant art background to his work. A graduate of Kutztown University’s Fine Arts program, Nathan had over a decade of dental laboratory experience before launching Nouveau Dental. This unique blend of art and dentistry has allowed Nouveau Dental to be a leader in exceptional anterior restorations in Greater Reading and beyond. 

About the Company

Why would you want to choose Nouveau as one of your restorative partners?
How can Nouveau add value to your practice?
What makes Nouveau different from other laboratory service providers?

These are the three most important questions that a laboratory needs to answer and then repeatedly reinforce. We believe it all starts with quality. Quality of education, quality of materials, quality of communication, and quality of the application of these elements while also using these components in a consistent and reliable fashion. We also believe that a quality well-rounded base of knowledge makes all the difference, coupled with the experience and confidence on how to apply it to fulfill the needs of your individual cases. It is in these aspects that Nouveau can provide something uniquely special. More importantly, Nouveau Dental Studio provides the skills and knowledge needed to help add value and increased satisfaction from a restorative partner.

Our educational foundation paired with many years of industry experience and having a also certified trainer of tooth anatomy, makes us uniquely qualified to know the differences between average restorations and those made by knowledgeable, skilled artisans. We also understand that all teeth differ in both form and function and that there are reasons for this. We believe in working under magnification while following the "form follows function" principle, where restorations are meant to first fit and function correctly before artistic skills are utilized to craft restorations that beautifully and harmoniously blend with the rest of your patient's dentition. And with our ever changing industry, we realize that this is only a starting point, which is why we are committed to continuing education while striving to be a leader in all relevant materials and technologies which relate to the fabrication of all types of dental restorations, helping to make Nouveau a valuable ally as an educational resource.

Furthermore, we insist on working with quality equipment and quality materials provided by highly visible, well known vendors, helping to establish the reliability and consistency of quality that both you and your patients demand. All restorations are fabricated in our laboratory in Berks County, Pennsylvania. 

Working with Nouveau, you will find our prices competitive, our customer service reliable and refreshing, and our value unmatched. We pledge to take a genuine interest in each case, never losing sight of the fact that there is a patient with needs in your office and that your reputation is on the line. We will also be there to help work through any difficulties that may arise throughout the restorative process. We look forward to working hard for you as your restorative partner. 

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