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Nature's Artistry through Modern Innovation.


Nouveau Dental is committed to cutting edge technology as well as using the most aesthetic and progressive materials available, supplied by trusted vendors resulting in high-quality, American-made restorations that enable doctors to build the highest of reputations with their clients.

Nouveau Dental Studio has served doctors in the Greater Reading region and beyond since 2011.

Crown & Bridge Dental Laboratory

Specializing in:


Anterior Cases

Metal-Free Restorations


Prescription Download:


(610) 927-0567

Drop Off:

21 Rosemary Drive

Sinking Spring, PA



Pick-Up/Shipping Available


Nouveau Dental Studio provides pick up and delivery service throughout Berks County. Shipping through USPS is available for doctors outside the region. Contact Nouveau Dental for details.

Comittment to Technology


Investments in new technology and cutting edge materials allow Nouveau Dental to partner with its clients to provide high-quality restorations that align with current technology offerings and expectations.

Our Work...Your Reputation


Nouveau Dental Studio and our team appreciates our work is your reputation. Restorations are custom made in our laboratory, and no portion of work is outsourced with the exception of custom-milled implant parts. All materials are FDA-approved, doctor trusted, and common to the industry.

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